Monday, March 10, 2008
The beginning...
Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs! My name is Allen and I'll be your guide for this journey into the life and mind of a twenty-something, culinary student at The Art Institute of Charlotte.

First and foremost... let's get the first question that you have out of the way...

"What makes this blog any different from the other eleventy billion blogs out there?"

Well the biggest thing is the fact that I'll actually update! Regularly. Semi-daily, in fact. If I miss a post someone better get the rescue squad on the line or the chicken soup with extra garlic and onions set to simmer.

"Why do I care what's going on with this guy?"

You probably don't but hey if you like food, gadgets (cooking AND hi-tech), live music, current events, OR even just live in Charlotte, NC-- you might want to bookmark/subscribe to me because I'm an info addict and just live to pass it on.

"What if I have something cool to add to the blog?"

Drop me a line at - allen.j.raynor [at]!

That's it until next time...


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